“You are not licensed for ArcInfo” error in concurrent licensing

We finally have our ArcGIS 10 concurrent license server up and runnig! Let’s see if it works: On a client with ArcGIS Desktop 10 SP4 I use ArcGIS Administrator to set up licensing as ArcInfo (Concurrent Use) and specify the license server. Then I launch ArcGIS 10 ArcMap or ArcCatalog and get an error message: “You are not licensed for ArcInfo. Use the ArcGIS Administrator to view the software availability, change the license manager, or switch the ArcGIS software product” Continue reading ““You are not licensed for ArcInfo” error in concurrent licensing”


If ArcGIS does not see your ENVI files

An ENVI image comprises at least two files, a header file called <filename>.hdr and a data file called <filename> (without extension). However, ArcGIS expects ENVI files to have the extension .dat. So if your ENVI data file does not have an extension, rename it to <filename>.dat. You do not need to to rename the hearer (.hdr) file.