“You are not licensed for ArcInfo” error in concurrent licensing

We finally have our ArcGIS 10 concurrent license server up and runnig! Let’s see if it works: On a client with ArcGIS Desktop 10 SP4 I use ArcGIS Administrator to set up licensing as ArcInfo (Concurrent Use) and specify the license server. Then I launch ArcGIS 10 ArcMap or ArcCatalog and get an error message: “You are not licensed for ArcInfo. Use the ArcGIS Administrator to view the software availability, change the license manager, or switch the ArcGIS software product”


What is going on? The culprit, it turns out, is an environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE, which we use for licensing the Exelis ENVI software (see http://support.esri.com/en/bugs/nimbus/TklNMDgxNDA1).

Support calls with ESRI and Exelis establish:

ArcGIS has three options to specify a license server and parses them in this order:

  1. An Environment Variable LM_LICENSE_FILE
  2. An Environment Variable ARCGIS_LICENSE_FILE
  3. Settings entered in ArcGIS Administrator (these are saved in in the registry – on a 32bit machine in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ESRI\License10.0, on a 64bit machine in  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ESRI\License10.0)

If multiple of these are present on a client, ArcGIS stops parsing at the first response from a license server, even if that response is an error code. So when I launched ArcMap it looked for a ArcGIS license at LM_LICENSE_FILE, the ENVI license server there said “I don’t have licenses for ArcGIS”, and ArcMap returned above error message.


According to the ENVI 4.8 licensing instructions, the ENVI license server needs to be specified with the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable. However, Exelis support advised that ENVI also has a vendor specific variable, IDL_LMGRD_LICENSE_FILE, and parses for licenses in this order:

  1. Environment Variable IDL_LMGRD_LICENSE_FILE
  2. Environment Variable LM_LICENSE_FILE

So I specify the ENVI license server using IDL_LMGRD_LICENSE_FILE and the ArcGIS license server using ArcGIS Administrator.

Alternatively I could use the Environment Variable ARCGIS_LICENSE_FILE, but the licenses served through this are not visible in ArcGIS Administrator, so cannot be borrowed by end users.

The point is to not have a LM_LICENSE_FILE variable on the client.

Thanks to ESRI UK and EXELIS UK support.


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