Idrisi to MS Word

You can make maps in Idrisi. Well, sort of. Almost. Map-like graphics… okay, you cannot make a proper map in Idrisi. What you can do, is have a very rudimentary map display with a grid and marginalia. This post is about how to bring it into Word.

This is what a map looks like in Idrisi (we work with v14.02):

Cartographically it is rubbish, but let’s not discuss the qualities of Idrisi software here. Now, how do we bring this map into our project report in MS Word?

The Idrisi recommended way is to click Save in the Composer window, this brings up a new Window:

Here we select the Copy to Clipboard option, and finally paste it into MS Word. There looks like this:

Note that in word the first vector layer has a transparent background, and all others have a black background.

I tried to find a workaround:

  • I explicitly set the legend background color in Idrisi
  • I export to BMP, WMF, or EMF instead of copying to clipboard, and then inserting these files into my Word document

In all cases the problem persists.

In the end I did a screenshot (Ctrl+Alt+PrtScr) and pasted that into Word. This seems to be the only way to get a map with legends out of Idrisi.
By the way, in Idrisi you can have only legends for a maximum of five layers. Not good either.


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