Where can I get GIS help?

(for University of Manchester students and staff)

  • Questions related to coursework should be directed to your lecturer.
  • Technical questions, e.g. software installation, should be directed to IT Services.
    Please do not contact ESRI or other software manufacturers for technical support: they provide the software at a huge discount to the education sector, provided we do not bother them with technical support issues.
  • All questions can also be directed to the University’s GIS specialist Karl Hennermann (karl.hennermann <at> manchester.ac.uk).

What geospatial software do we have?

Some GIS software products are purchased through IT Services, these products are covered on the IT Services software site.  Additional software and equipment is purchased locally by schools or departments, for these there is not central inventory, so we simply don’t know what is available. If you are keen on working with a particular product or technology your best bet it to identify a member of staff who is likely to already work with this, and discuss with them.

How can I get GIS software?

Please see the IT Services software site.

Does the university offer ArcGIS courses?

We do not run own training courses, but we offer online training courses to our staff and students. Please see here for details.

Can I have a Google-Maps-like background map in ArcMap?

Yes. There are various services available, we recommend:

I need detailed map data that I can download and modify.

For locations in the UK, data is available to Higher Education through the excellent EDINA services. For locations abroad please contact the respective country’s national survey organization.

I need a paper map of location X, showing content Y – e.g. Ordnance Survey topographic maps.

Please see the University of Manchester map library. The librarians will help you find the right map.

Is there an inventory of all GIS data at the university?

No.  There are vast amounts of data holdings in various schools and departments, and on individual researchers PCs.  This data is not cataloged.

I want to keep up to date with GIS at the University!

You should sign up to the  GIS and Remote Sensing (GISRS) mailing list.  This also is a good starting point to find someone with specific expertise.  See http://listserv.manchester.ac.uk/archives/gisrs.html for details.

I am a student, can you help me with my GIS related coursework or dissertation?

I can help with technical problems. I can not provide any help that would give you an advantage over other students. If in doubt please consult your supervisor.

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