Using WUImap on Windows 7 and ArcGIS Desktop 10.2

The other day I was asked for help with installing and running WUImap, a GIS tool for calculating and mapping rural-urban interfaces. Continue reading “Using WUImap on Windows 7 and ArcGIS Desktop 10.2”


Geocoding UK postcodes in ArcGIS

Say you did a survey and asked participants for their postcode, or you obtain secondary data in which locations are specified by postcode. Now you want to create a point on a map for each of your postcodes – in GIS jargon: you geocode your data. Continue reading “Geocoding UK postcodes in ArcGIS”

How to make LSOA and MSOA boundaries from UK Data Service align properly in ArcGIS

In the UK students and staff in Higher Education can get boundaries of Lower and Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOA / LSOA, a sort of census boundaries in the UK) from the UK Data Service Census Support. Continue reading “How to make LSOA and MSOA boundaries from UK Data Service align properly in ArcGIS”

ArcGIS tool of the day: Create Fishnet to subdivide an area

Yesterday I had these ArcGIS queries from users:

  • “I’d like a parcel to have a grid on it with each square measuring 2×3 meters….. is there a way of doing it other than manually?”
  • “I want to do random spatially stratified sampling and to delineate my strata I want to put a regular grid over the study area. How can I do that?”

Both these tasks can be solved with the Create Fishnet tool. This tool is suitable for zoning any area into regular rectangular divisions. Potential applications include:

  • creating Search and Rescue zones or assessment zones (thinking of MapAction)
  • create a systematic sampling grid
  • create a reference grid

A similar tool is the Grid Index Features tool, this is used to create an index layer for ArcGIS Data Driven Pages.

CSV files are simple and robust – except with ArcGIS 10.1

I like simple things that just work, like CSV files: They are ASCII files, so you can open them in any editor; and they are vendor independent, so great for exchange of tabular data between different software systems. The contain nothing but data, commas and line feeds – the structure is so straightforward, what could possibly go wrong? Continue reading “CSV files are simple and robust – except with ArcGIS 10.1”