When your toolboxes or tools have gone missing in ArcMap

The other day Tom from Earth Sciences asked:

When I start up ArcMap the Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst toolboxes are missing in the toolbox tree. Spatial Analyst / 3D Analyst are checked within Extensions. Toolbars appear but have limited functionality. Any ideas why this is happening?

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Site licensed software

Need a specific GIS software product? We have various site licensed products, meaning you can just use them and don’t have to buy a license: http://www.applications.itservices.manchester.ac.uk/list_products.php?category=gis&excludeArchived=1

Please check terms and conditions, e.g. some restrict use to on-campus or university-owned PCs only.

Of course you can use any other software you like, but you will need to obtain it yourself.