Idrisi to MS Word

You can make maps in Idrisi. Well, sort of. Almost. Map-like graphics… okay, you cannot make a proper map in Idrisi. What you can do, is have a very rudimentary map display with a grid and marginalia. This post is about how to bring it into Word. Continue reading “Idrisi to MS Word”

ArcGIS, ArcMap, ArcView, Arcinfo – ESRI products explained

What is the difference between ArcView and ArcMap? Don’t worry if you cannot answer this immediately, ESRI product names are quite confusing.  Continue reading “ArcGIS, ArcMap, ArcView, Arcinfo – ESRI products explained”

Site licensed software

Need a specific GIS software product? We have various site licensed products, meaning you can just use them and don’t have to buy a license:

Please check terms and conditions, e.g. some restrict use to on-campus or university-owned PCs only.

Of course you can use any other software you like, but you will need to obtain it yourself.