Convert a WMS layer to a vector Feature Class in ArcGIS

Sometimes you have access to data through a WMS service, but you want the data as vector features. In this post I show how to extract vector features from a WMS layer using ArcGIS Desktop.

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Ordnance Survey background map – streamed into ArcMap

You can see your own data in ArcMap, now wouldn’t it be good to automatically have an OS map in the background, Continue reading “Ordnance Survey background map – streamed into ArcMap”

OS OpenSpace – OS maps in your web application

UK Ordnance Survey has excellent data, and they offer a free service that allows you to embed Ordnance Survey maps, covering the whole of Great Britain, into your web applications.

I did a quick example (click it):


So how does it compare to Google Maps?

  • OS OpenSpace is a lot more detailed – it basically contains every footpath in Britain. Most useful for any outdoor activity. Compare for yourself [1]
  • Licensing: Ordnance Survey claims ownership of any derived data you create using OpenSpace [2]. This has caused a lot of controversy, however, Google has a similar clause [3].

[2], clause 5.4
[3], clause 11