Convert a WMS layer to a vector Feature Class in ArcGIS

Sometimes you have access to data through a WMS service, but you want the data as vector features. In this post I show how to extract vector features from a WMS layer using ArcGIS Desktop.

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OS OpenSpace – OS maps in your web application

UK Ordnance Survey has excellent data, and they offer a free service that allows you to embed Ordnance Survey maps, covering the whole of Great Britain, into your web applications.

I did a quick example (click it):


So how does it compare to Google Maps?

  • OS OpenSpace is a lot more detailed – it basically contains every footpath in Britain. Most useful for any outdoor activity. Compare for yourself [1]
  • Licensing: Ordnance Survey claims ownership of any derived data you create using OpenSpace [2]. This has caused a lot of controversy, however, Google has a similar clause [3].

[2], clause 5.4
[3], clause 11